Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mario Bros

Who doesn't love Mario? This cake was a lot of fun to make.  It is a very basic vanilla cake with lemon curd fill.  Sure wish I was at the party to have a piece! lol

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Princess Castle

Adorable princess castle cake.  Chocolate cake filled with french cream.  Each shingle was put on piece by piece.  Figurines are toys so the birthday girl can play with them.

Delicious cupcakes to go with the cake.  Red Velvet, Chocolate and Vanilla with butter cream and cream cheese icing.

1st Birthday Giraffe Cake

Marble cake with custard fill.  Made for a sweet little girl turning the big 1.

Purple Leopard Print Stiletto

This cake took some thought as to how we were going to attack it.  Once we figured it out it was a breeze!  It was fun to paint all the spots on the shoe and knowing there is no rhyme or reason to leopard spots.

Valentines Day

Red Velvet cake filled and smothered with cream cheese icing!  Cute fondant hearts to finish it off.  How fitting for Valentines Day! :)

Mmm! Black forest cake!  Chocolate icing, whipped cream, can you go wrong?

Sweet 16

Our first attempt at a topsy turvy cake.  Turned out pretty well I think!  My niece sure did enjoy it.  Hard to believe I have a niece that old!

11th Birthday

Birthday cake made for my daughter.  She had originally wanted 5 tiers, but I managed to get her down to only 3! lol  Bottom layer is chocolate cake with french cream fill.  Middle tier is vanilla cake with custard fill.  Top layer is red velvet cake with cream cheese fill.  It was delicious! :)

Army Tank

This cake was fun to make.  Fudgee-o cookies were used for the wheels.  Of course you need the plastic army men to go along with it!


This cake was made for a die hard Transformers fan.  Who else would be his favorite besides Bumblebee!

Floor Curling

Cute miniature replica of Floor Curling.  Made for my grandpa for "bragging rights." Lol

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim Cup

Who doesn't love Tim Hortons! This is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache fill.  Talk about a chocolate fix!  Everything is edible including our "timbits", "coffee beans" and the lid.

50th Anniversary Cake

This was a simple vanilla cake with custard fill.  We had to make it without color due to an allergy.  I guess you make it look the best you can with what you can use.